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Garden of Coffee which was founded in 2016 by Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu uses the local method of individually hand-picking coffee beans to source for coffee, process, roast and package the Ethiopian coffee. This way of processing coffee according to Alemu helps preserve the quality of coffee for the final customers, reducing ecological footprint associated with factory roasting and creates a business model that values local manufacturing.

The Ethiopian brand boasts of several operations beyond the horn of Africa. It recently launched in China, a tea-loving market that is fast increasing its demand for coffee. Through a deal with Suzhou Reyto trading company, the company says it will ship 12 tons of hand-roasted coffee to China in the first five years, launching an advertisement on messaging and social media app we-chat.

As part of its expansion plans, Garden of Coffee will open over 100 café roasteries across China by 2022 and customers would be able to receive their favourite coffee in weeks after making an order.

The Ethiopian brand currently has twenty workers at the company’s atelier in Addis Ababa overseeing production, however, owing to demand they are set to increase hand roasting artisans to 300 by 2021. Garden of Coffee roasts five types of coffee beans for individual order and ships them to over 20 countries including Russia, Sweden, Germany, and the United States.

Ethiopia is one of the largest producers of coffee in Africa. A large part of the country’s coffee culture comes from the fact that it is one of the best places to grow the beans on the planet. Ethiopia is fifth in the world in total production, according to statistics from the International Coffee Organization, and many of its Arabica beans are recognized internationally for their high quality.

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