This company has just made cross border recruitment easier in Africa

Several companies across Africa are faced with a huge number of challenges, ranging from social and technological changes to cultural diversity to economic and political instability. But despite these issues, there is also a growing need to focus on recruitment, which is equally a huge task.

Hiring the right candidate is important to companies because the ability to find the right skill and talent needed would largely determine the company’s success. To cater to this need, One Africa Media, which owns Jobberman and Brighter Monday, has set up a new company, which is offering cross border recruitment services in Africa.

The new company, known as “The African Talent Company (TATC)”, was set up to focus on Jobberman and Brighter Monday’s clients that were asking for more services across the borders of Africa. This company is offering better-bespoke services in terms of recruiting, consulting, in terms research work, salary surveys and more HR involvement.

“Just because we were structured as a job website there were engagements that we couldn’t deliver so we decided to setup this company known as TATC” said Lekan Olude, Co-founder of Jobberman and the Partner for TATC.

How is TATC different from Jobberman and Brighter Monday?

Since Jobberman and Brighter Monday covers East, West and Southern Africa, TATC would leverage on these entities to help its client find the best candidate for across all the African markets. For instance, if an employer in Nigeria wants to hire someone from Kenya all the employer needs to do is to contact TATC and they’ll get him the best candidate from East Africa through their entity Brighter Monday which operates in East Africa. An African company that is looking to hire from Indonesia for example, can also contact TATC to get the best candidate in from Indonesia.

“TATC is that company that gives clients the opportunity to be able to hire in any African country,” said Lekan Olude.

What people who use TATC stand to gain