2018 was a critical year for Nigeria and the rest of Africa. This year in Nigeria, conversations about the forthcoming elections in 2019 were front and centre, especially debates over Nigeria’s presidential candidates. African countries like Ethiopia witnessed a major change in leadership and the continent as a whole witnessed the adoption and implementation of major inclusive travel policies.

However, in addition to these hot topics, there were a lot of discussions and stories about the dynamics of industries and economies across Africa with so many innovations, startup launches and expansion. All of which are mostly events that signify a continent in progress. Here are the most viewed stories on Ventures Africa this year, 2018.

1.A list of 18 presidential aspirants for Nigeria’s 2019 general elections

Here we listed 18 original presidential aspirants before more people joined the race. Did you know that Nigeria had over 40 presidential aspirants this year but so many dropped out of the race for a number of reasons? In this case, it is safe to say the race is not to the swift, but to the strong.

2. Nigeria’s small farmers are embracing hydroponics

This story chronicles how Nigerian farmers are adopting innovative ways to grow their crops in the face of climate change and looming desertification. Little wonder what the next farming innovation will be?

3. JCDecaux enters the Nigerian market in partnership with Grace Lake Partners

The world’s number one outdoor advertising multinational venture into the Nigerian market with high hopes of establishing a foothold in the near future. This is proof that Nigeria remains one of the top investment destinations in Africa.

4. The 2018 Africa Visa Openness Index indicates that more African countries are adopting liberal visa policies

This year, many African countries adopted more liberal visa policies. This story features a list of Africa’s top 10 visa-open countries. Seychelles, Benin and Rwanda occupy the top 3 spots.

5. Nigeria’s debt profile and the rise in inflation

A summary of what happened in Nigeria’s economy the week ending September 14, 2018.

6. In Nigeria, a green stove addresses health, the environment and employment

“Many people do not know about the products… But those who use it say it’s life-saving. It doesn’t explode like gas and it doesn’t release smoke like conventional stoves.” Nigerian businesses are providing concrete solutions in the fight against climate change.

7. Uber launches motorcycle service, UberBoda, in Nairobi to meet local needs

As part of the mobility solution in some of Africa’s big cities, several transport startups launched motorcycle services this year.

8. Bambooks launches Nigeria’s largest online digital library

Did you know that the publishing industry across Sub Saharan Africa is estimated to exceed a billion dollars in annual revenues by the end of 2018?

9. How to improve worker commitment in your company-a case study from Nigeria’s fashion industry

Nonchalance, bad working conditions, poverty, poor salaries and compensation packages and the absence of an incentive system are some of the reasons for high worker turnover in businesses.

10. Egypt launches startup manifesto in a bid to improve its economy

Egypt’s Startup Manifesto was prepared alongside 200 stakeholders with expertise in venture capital, company development, legal frameworks, public policy, accelerators, incubators and many more, who met and collaborated over the past 12 months.

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