In 2012, one of Nigeria’s most innovative telcos, Etisalat, launched the Etisalat prize for innovation, an initiative aimed at celebrating and rewarding indigenous ideas, product, or services that promote mobile broadband usage in Nigeria.

Over the past five years, the Etisalat prize for innovation has unearthed a wealth of innovative ideas and products that have improved lives and businesses, and this year will be no different judging from the top five finalists recently revealed by Etisalat on social media.

Adegoke Olubusi

Adegoke Olubusi is the creator of OneMedical, an advanced digital health records platform designed for Nigeria. In a tweet chat session on Thursday, October 27, Olubusi said the idea for OneMedical was conceived over 2 years ago after a thorough analysis of Nigeria’s healthcare climate. “There are many issues with data; poorly recorded, inaccessible, etc. We need a system to make use of healthcare data properly,” he said on social media.

OneMedical is accelerating Nigeria’s transition to a data-driven healthcare system by digitising medical records, making them secure and instantly accessible to all healthcare facilities and professionals’ on-demand.

Samwul Datong

Samwul Datong created Recit, a free invoicing platform that targets tech-savvy entrepreneurs and SMEs. Datong said the idea for Recit was born once he realized that poor record keeping among SMEs contributes to poor access to funding. But with Recit, businesses can easily record sales and expenses, and generate reports. Entrepreneurs can also send e-receipts to customers via email.

Ugochukwu Nwosu

Ugochukwu Nwosu created Jama, a specialised market data gathering solution for unlocking real time data for businesses. “In today’s fast-changing world, relevant data is everything. However getting such data is difficult, and even when sought it’s usually unreliable. But with Jama, you are covered,” the company stated on its site.

“Having developed and delivered various audience engagement products across the region, the team noticed the huge challenge in data authentication across businesses of all sizes. It was evident that a lot of SMEs fall through the cracks because of uninformed decisions,” Nwosu said on Twitter. Team Jama sees unlocking data as a veritable tool to help organisations build businesses intelligence; instead of analysing data based on size and behavioural patterns, Jama collates from large samples.

Michael Onuorah

Michael Onuorah is the creator of Nibule, an online illustration engine, and content generation and curation platform. Onuorah believes illustrations are a powerful tool for communication and that everyone should have access to it. With Nibule individuals can express themselves whether or not they can draw, and whether or not they have prior knowledge of graphic design. “So whether you are a digital marketer, a brand manager, or content creator, Nibule makes your life easy,” said Onuorah. All one has to do is select a template illustration from Nibule and hack until a choice illustration is created.

“Nibule started as a personal project to help me handle the amount of illustration work I was getting,” the innovator explained during a tweet chat session with Etisalat last Thursday. Onuorah and his team have been working on Nibule for about four months, a process he described as a “fun ride”. They are currently working to integrate Nibule with the BBM store.

Funke Talabi

Funke Talabi is the innovator of CityHires, Nigeria’s first video recruitment portal. Talabi said the concept for CityHires was born after various interactions with the human resource department of firms she worked with. “I believed recruitment procedures took longer with the regular paper resumes. So I started working on a suitable highly categorized resume portal with video hosting since June 2015,” she tweeted.

With CityHires, job seekers can do a video pitch and store their details on the portal. Talabi hopes that with the assistance of Etisalat, her innovation would gain more grounds and be utilised across all 36 states of the country as the future of recruitment.


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