Doing business always comes with a lot of travelling. Even in this digital age where many discussions can be initiated and contracts concluded in the comfort of your room, the old-fashioned face-to-face meetings can never be done away with. But with business travels also comes additional costs of hotels, laundry and other services.

However, knowledge of your proposed destination could save you a lot of money which is why Management consultant ECA International has collated leading destinations to show where business travellers are at risk of high travel expenses.

The ECA report takes into account the average cost of 4-star hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, laundry, transport and other essentials. Other factors also play a part, including general demand and security.

“The amount of business that takes place there is quite key,” Simon Franklin, Daily Rates Manager at London-based ECA tells CNN Travel. “You see at the top of the rankings the global cities such as London, Paris, New York, they’re all very high because the amount of visitor numbers are very high.”

Below are the top 10 most expensive cities for business travels in the world, according to ECA International report.

New York, the home of Wall Street and top five-star hotels, takes the first position in ECA’s most expensive business travel location for 2018. ECA says  4-star prices average at approximately $546 per night and a mandatory 15-20% tipping policies. Pricey accommodation gets New York the first position. Photo credit:
Geneva, Switzerland is the 2nd most expensive city in the world. With its business-friendly policies, it constantly attracts both new firms and business executives, which keeps its accommodations and office spaces in demand. Photo credit: Alexander Demyanenko/
As the global hub of finance and banking, Zurich follows its Swiss counterpart closely as the 3rd most expensive city for business travels. Photo credit:
“Places with security issues are very high, because the number of hotels is less, because of the high-security demands that go with it — and everybody who’s there for business stays in the same hotels which have high levels of security,” Franklin tells CNN Travel. Luanda, Angola, at fourth, is the only African city on the list partly because of its security issues. Photo credit:
Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, rounds up the top five. The port city is highly valued for its offer of relaxation.
As the global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, Paris comes in at 6th. Round the year, Paris receives a large number of visitors which will continue to keep it at the top.
Nassau is the capital and commercial centre of Bahamas, and it takes a place at 7th. Photo credit:
Washington DC, the United States capital, finds itself at 8th. The politics here shape the business world.
Basel rounds up the three Switzerland cities that made the list. At 9th, the city has been a popular destination for most tourists.
The exotic Principality of Monaco rounds up the list of the most expensive cities for business travels at 10th.
Franklin also shared with CNN Travels his major advice for business travellers, which is to “make sure you are aware of the average cost for hotels and meals and things before you go, and do a bit of research to see where you can get cheaper costs beforehand, stay off the most obvious streets and the highest priced areas of the city.”


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