In its quest to promote healthy living, community development and encourage wellness and fitness, TECNO Mobile, Africa’s leading smartphone brand recently powered the second edition of the Festac Fitness Walk event. The event featured a 10-kilometre walk which kicked off at the FHA field in Festac and ended at the popular Festival Mall.

The long walk was led by celebrity fitness instructor and former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Kemen. It included exercises, backed by music to help participants loosen up and get pumped up. At the finish point, the participants were led to TECNO’s signature blue carpet for a brief rest and photo session before being instructed through another round of exercise routine including dance, squats, and planks. There were free medical tests and endurance exercises along with the #TECNOXFFW challenge which required participants to upload photos of the events to social media for a prize.

While addressing participants, Kemen highlighted the importance of staying physically and mentally fit. “People who are physically fit tend to be healthier, are able to maintain an optimum weight, and are less prone to cardiac arrests and other health problems”, he said.

Reiterating Kemen’s advice, Richard Ugo, brand representative of TECNO mobile, advised participants to pay attention to their health and wellbeing. According to him, “becoming physically fit requires a change in lifestyle as well. You will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine in your life and also eat healthier. Avoiding junk foods, fizzy drinks, and bad habits like smoking and alcohol and get adequate rest”.

The Festac Fitness Walk, an annual event put together by the residents of the Festac Metropolis for themselves and neighbouring communities, is supported by Lagos state amidst other notable sponsors.

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