As part of its “Going Green Revolution’’ initiative to promote cleaner environment in Nigeria, oil marketing company, Techno oil, has introduced an innovative cooking gas stove targeted at low income earners in Nigeria.

According to the company’s Managing Director, Tony Onyeama, the initiative aligns with the government’s desire to reduce dependency on fossil fuel.

He noted that the company was determined to champion the paradigm shift from kerosene to cooking gas, adding that Techno Oil had actively promoted, and had been in the forefront of attitudinal change from fuels to cleaner energy such as gas.

“We identify and align with the policy drive of the Lagos State Government to increase the use of cooking gas among a significant proportion of the populace within the next four years,” he said.

Onyeama explained that the new TechnoGas stoves are targeted at the low income group that relies on kerosene. The product will also make Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – cooking gas – more affordable.

He stated that ‘‘Techno Oil has distributed well over 20,000 units of 3kg, 5kg, 6kg and 12.5kg gas cylinders to Nigerian households at discounted and affordable prices. This project has received commendations from consumers and operators in the petroleum industry.”

Onyeama explained that the company has entered into an agreement with an Asian company for the manufacture of the gas stoves to ensure sustainable supplies of the product.

He added that the project is at its advance stage, and is to be released into the market on Thursday.

Also speaking at the pre-launch of the product is the Executive Vice Chairman of Techno Oil, Nkechi Obi; who noted that there was great dependency on kerosene by both the middle and low-income groups in Nigeria, despite the huge amount of money being spent to subsidise the product to Nigerians.

“Today, there is great dependency on kerosene by both the middle and low-income groups in Nigeria, despite the huge amount of reserved in a bid to subsidise the product to Nigerians. Yet kerosene remains scarce and unavailable in many homes in the country.”

She condemned the low consumption level of cooking gas by Nigerians, saying that usage of cooking gas in Nigeria stands at 0.5kg per capita, compared to 3kg per capita in Ghana, 1.9kg in Cameroon, 5.5kg in South Africa and 44.4kg in Morocco.


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