South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), would strip public broadcaster SABC’s assets into a number of separate business units, it has said.

According to TechCentral, the party said it will do so when it wins this year’s general elections in April, it continued on Monday.

The DA’s sentiments are far-fetched considering many believe the party is far from winning the country’s general elections as it does not appeal to many black voters.

In addition, even though the ruling ANC has lost many supporters because of alleged corrupt practices and poor service delivery, it is believed it will win the next elections.But this might be for the last time it wins elections in South Africa.

According to TechCentral, DA’s views were contained on the party’s policy document on communications.

The SABC has come under fire in recent years for being a drain on the government’s coffers.

It has also come under heavy criticism for being the government’s megaphone, failing to flight stories that are critical of the government.

The DA wants to dispose of some of SABC’s assets to the uppermost buyers, TechCentral is quoted as saying.

The SABC provides 18 radio stations and three television broadcasts to the general public.


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