today’s businesses depending on IT professional skills for success, one of the largest software development specialists in South Africa, DVT has launched a new platform –  The Talent Exchange –  to source and place scarce IT skills in the general job market.

DVT CEO, Chris Wilkins, said software is a highly specialised area and it’s hard for companies to identify the precise skills they need to gain competitive advantage.

“By contrast, DVT has already identified South Africa’s top software talent because we work with them: we understand what they want and we are well placed to match them with the right companies”,  says Wilkins.

According to him, the complicating factor is that IT skills are generally in short supply in South Africa.

He emphasised on a recent research by International Data Group Connect which revealed that 69 percent of respondents believe there is a “severe general shortage of IT skills in South Africa”,  a result which indicates that locating the right skills was becoming more and more challenging for both private- and public-sector entities.

“Given the shortage of IT skills and the intense pressure to find them, the next logical step was to extend our recruitment efforts and service the general market, hence The Talent Exchange,”  Wilkins explained.

“Competitors are fragmented and tied to outdated practices, giving us a window of opportunity we are determined to exploit. It’s a mark of the importance of this opportunity that we have appointed Mario Matthee, a talented DVT executive, to head up this new unit,” he concluded.

Matthee on his part expressed optimism about The Talent Exchange’s prospects.

“We are offering a unique proposition: a specialist talent agency led by an industry insider who understands what skills are needed, what top talent wants, and how to streamline the recruiting process. We’re also structuring our business model to incentivise our recruiters to place staff successfully — there’s no ‘business as usual’ mindset at Talent Exchange!”

“Professionals change jobs to learn new skills and build their careers: our expertise lies in matching that talent to his or her next challenge — to the mutual benefit of both,” Matthee affirmed.


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