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South African seasoning producer and supplier, Cape Foods is moving into the US groceries market with its line of natural, Himalayan sea salts and other seasonings. Renowned for high-quality and visually stimulating spices, the company intends to hit retail shelves across the US, laying claim to its share of the ‘grocer’s coin.’

This expansion is coming on the back of multiple glossy recognitions in the food innovation and service industry. Cape Foods has won, among others, the Gold Packaging Award, and were winners in the SIAL Trade Show’s “Trends and Innovations” category in Toronto, Canada.

Cape Foods CEO, Gerhard Martin said, “Herbs and spices already make up a portion of the average person’s grocery budget, so we’d like to bring them a beautiful, functional product they can feel good about displaying on their countertop. We’re a versatile company, besides our line of existing seasonings – from popcorn seasoning to baking aids – we also offer customizable options for both blends and shakers.”

Cape Foods’ offerings are famous not only for their customer-centred layouts and shelf-ready attributes but for the personal touch evident in the way they’re named. There’s “I Love Sea Salt,” “I Love Pepper,” “I Love Pasta,” “I Love BBQ,” “I Love Popcorn.” Sometimes, it even gets dramatically specific, like “I Love Bolognese Seasoning,” or “I Love Italian Herbs.” According to Martin, the “I Love” line of products is already being warmly received, calling it “a beautiful product,” which he can’t wait to get on shelves across buyers in the US.

According to Statista, there were 38,307 grocery stores in the US as at 2018, with each reportedly carrying about 15,000 products items. Cape Foods, whose expansion plans includes debuting a selection of luxury baking aids, enticing sprinkles, as well as decorative cake toppers, will be hoping to carve a neat chunk of this market for their business.

By Caleb Ajinomoh

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