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Nomvuyo Treffers is a South African photographer and founder of Swimma, a Cape Town-based company that produces swimming caps for voluminous hair types and styles. Swimma was conceived out of Treffers frustration of not being able to swim, especially with her daughters, because her bountiful locks could not fit into regular swim caps. And swimming without one left her with the cumbersome work of a long blow dry process. To an extent, the problem also applied to her daughters, “the swimming caps that my daughters previously used were small and often very uncomfortable. There was a lot of pulling and stretching over their high volume hair,”she said in an interview with Ze-AfricaNews.

Treffers and her daughters
Credit – Ze-AfricaNews

Although Treffers conceived the idea for Swimma a while ago, she contemplated the idea before finally acting on it. Initially, she created swim caps for herself and her kids before expanding the business two years later. She made this decision after the massive market response and media attention she got when she tweeted about it, leading her to set up an online shop in August 2016. “These interests show that a cap like Swimma is necessary,”she told media publication, How We Made It In Africa. She, however, wished she had launched into the untapped market in South Africa sooner.

Treffers has added Tees to the Swimma line and in time, hopes to add swimsuits and bikinis as well. Judging by how good business has been, coupled with increased media attention on the brand, those are sure to be a success as well. “People love that Swimma stands for inclusion and representation,”she said. Treffers also admitted that although the line was originally intended for black hair, her clientele range from various races and colours. Swimma caps come in a variety of colours and sizes and can be found for purchase in several African countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom with major clients from schools and swim schools.

Credit – Ze-AfricaNews

Currently, the mother of two juggles full-time photography and being an entrepreneur, something she describes as no small feat. “I am trying my best, but I wouldn’t say it is easy. Businesses are not instant successes. But it is important to just stay focused and work hard …”


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