Electronics giant, Samsung is poised to launch West Africa’s First Digital Village in Volo in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The project, which is part of the company’s Citizenship Programme, has already been launched in South Africa, Ethiopia and Gabon.

In Ghana, Samsung will partner with the government, local health services and international stakeholders including UNESCO to set up a sustainable project.

The village will use solar energy to improve healthcare delivery and education. It will also help local traders develop their business though the use of sustainable and low-cost alternative energy source.

The village will comprise of a Solar Powered Internet School (SPIS), Solar Powered Tele-Medical Center (SPMC), Solar Powered Health Centre (SPHC) and Solar Powered Generator (SPG).

The Solar Powered Tele-Medical Center will provide healthcare to inhabitants of remote villages. The SPIS is a solar-powered mobile classroom designed to meet the basic education needs of the community, especially in remote rural areas that lack access to energy.

Harry Park, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa, said the company expects these facilities to “have a positive impact on education and healthcare delivery in Volo and the surrounding communities.”

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