Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, has become the number one operator in Egypt’s smart and mobile phone market, it was announced on Monday.

Egypt Independent reported that South Korean electronics giant Samsung had cornered 50 percent of the smart phone market, an increase of more than 30 percent compared to its 2011 market share.

According to the newspaper, Samsung currently dominated 40 percent of the mobile phones market and 50 percent of the smart phones market during the last year.

“This confirms our consistent growth in Egypt,” said Wael Zain, Samsung product manager.

Zain was further reported as saying the company would in the future focus on offering more affordable options. Smartphones still remained out of reach for many Egyptians, the newspaper reported.

The company’s 2013 strategy would focus on increasing the range of hand held products to offer low/medium priced android enabled smart phones, in addition to increasing its range of high-end products, Zain said.

In 2013, Samsung will launch its new touch wide screen range-REX Series, as well as its upgraded instant messaging flagship application, ChatON 2.0.

Sherif Barakat, head of Samsung’s Hand Held Products Division, said the high exchange rate between the dollar and the Egyptian pound has made it difficult for the company to keep its mobile products affordable.


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