Cargo trucks from Uganda are being prevented from crossing into Rwanda at Gatuna border. The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) said the border was blocked in order to allow for the upgrade of the one-stop border post.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) communicated this development to the Commissioner for Customs at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in a letter. It was stated that trucks carrying heavy cargo would be diverted to the Kagitumba and Mirama hills border point effective 28th February 2019.

“In a bid to expedite the construction works currently taking place at Gatuna border posts that are aimed at extending smooth flow of goods and services at the border post, we are considering reducing the traffic of heavy trucks to allow completion of the OSBP infrastructure,” read the letter signed by Ms Rosine Uwamariya, the Commissioner for Customs at RRA.

“In view of the above, Rwanda Revenue Authority would like to inform you that with effect from February 28, 2019, all heavy trucks carrying goods destined and those transiting via Gatuna shall be temporarily diverted from using Gatuna Border Post to Kagitumba/Mirama Hills border posts,” she added.

However, citizens in Rwanda took to their social media platforms expressing their anger. It was also insinuated that the deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two East African countries could be the reason behind recent events and that this was affecting them.  

“But this madness between Rwanda and Uganda must stop. My family from the other side has been blocked from coming to Uganda for our sister’s marriage ceremonies!,” tweeted Agather Atuhaire, before posing: “How can both be oblivious of or ignore the fact that there are people with families both sides?!”

This development comes after Rwanda said last Wednesday that its borders are open to goods from Uganda, terming allegations that it placed a ban on imports from Uganda as “baseless rumours.”


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