Illegal street parking can be identified as a major reason why cities are faced with worsening traffic conditions and road accidents. In a bid to curb accidents caused by illegal parking, the Rivers state government has created a special task force that would ensure road safety rules are obeyed.

A statement issued on Tuesday May 26, by the Director General, Cross River Traffic Management and Regulatory Agency (TRAMRA), Mr Godwin Nyiam, announced the enforcement of `wrong parking’ and removal of abandoned vehicles on the roads from Monday, June 1.

The D.G sent out a warning to the general public, particularly owners of abandoned vehicles to remove the vehicles from the roads and streets. Mechanics, vulcanisers and car wash outlets who had turned public roads into their business premises were asked to desist from the act or face the consequences.

“Owners of heavy-duty vehicles are also advised to desist from parking their trucks and vehicles on pedestrian walkways,” Nyiam said. The statement further read that “all street trading on pedestrian walkways is highly prohibited and those involved in this should please desist from that.”

Vehicle owners have been urged to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and all documents are also up to date, adding that the agency has set up mobile courts at strategic locations to prosecute offenders.

According to Nyiam, any driver confirmed to have violated these orders shall have his vehicle impounded, while he will be arrested and prosecuted at the Special Traffic Court which shall be sitting for the purpose.

This is a long term solution to the problem of illegal street parking in the state, as even the widest of roads experience problems due to to congestion, traffic and road accidents.

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