If there’s one thing entrepreneurship has taught us, it is that it’s no longer a VIP club; everyone is welcome to join. From full-time employees following their passions or expanding their streams of income, to fresh graduates who want to pave their path or people who pick up entrepreneurship because it’s the only available option; there are several reasons why people venture into entrepreneurship.

The realization that it’s difficult to build wealth with a single source of income is becoming more widespread. This awareness has led to the birth of infrapreneurs – full-time employees with “side hustles” or projects. Infrapreneurs exist in two worlds; the world of entrepreneurship and the world of full-time employment. Not everyone with an entrepreneurial dream can walk away from the comfort of a stable salary to face the risk of entrepreneurship. They would rather run their businesses on the side while keeping their jobs. But without the right skills to develop and manage a project, success becomes a tall order.

Following your passion is just the beginning, as an Infrapreneur, you have to be skilled in project finance to manage projects successfully. Skills that a Finance and Accounting course or your 9-5 job may not have taught you and skills that even CEOs already running their own companies still need.

Entrepreneurship goes beyond starting new ventures every other day, an entrepreneur has to be innovative and greatly skilled in Project Finance. Running a business involves budgets that require intensive management, hence the need for a solid grasp of basic project finance awareness.

Infrapreneurs/Entrepreneurs wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of financing, especially for large scale projects can learn a lot from a two-day training on Project Finance Fundamentals for Infrapreneurs organised by Brickstone Africa, a Project Advisory and Asset Management firm helping Development of Large Scale projects using hands-on Acceleration methodology.

The training will cover; Key Project Finance Elements, Financial terms, and issues that affect project company finance, Basic Project Finance Terminology, and Concepts, Basic components of project finance; Project participants and their roles, Structuring the Project Vehicle and Preparing the Project Financing Plan.

Participation is open to entrepreneurs wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of business finance and how finance impacts the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis, either at a departmental or company-wide level. The training holds in major cities across Africa, including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Accra, led by competent facilitators with robust knowledge and experience in Project Finance and Management.

Project Finance Fundamentals for Infrapreneurs is part of the Brickstone Dealcamp Series, designed for the African Infrapreneur developing projects but lack the knowledge of project and corporate finance principles in making deals happen. Infrapreneurs and everyone who wants to improve their understanding of Project Finance should visit http://bit.ly/2pNSW03 for more information.

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