In recent years, fashion blogs have definitely taken over the fashion world in a unique way. There is no doubt that, the ‘fashion blogosphere will be in the industry for a very long time. There are uncountable fashion blogs and sometimes it is hard keeping up with new ones. Fashion blogs cover different news from general fashion news, trends, personal style, celebrity style and the list goes on and on.

With the rise of the African fashion industry, blogs definitely help to promote designers, models and the industry in general. However, fashion bloggers need to be more recognized and valued in the industry. In an interview with Stella of J’adore Fashion, she shares her opinion about the recognition of fashion bloggers in the African Fashion Industry “I do not think African bloggers are valued/well recognized for their role in promoting African fashion as much. I think the moment African designers start paying more attention to African fashion bloggers the more they can use it as a platform for expansion and creating more brand awareness. In my opinion, the African fashion industry should reach out to more fashion bloggers for collaborations.”

I strongly support her opinion, because I cannot even imagine a digital world without Fashion bloggers. I encourage more designers, models, photographers, makeup artists and other people in the fashion industry to collaborate with fashion bloggers. Sometimes bloggers get loads of emails to advertise and partner in events for free and for the most part, it is expected that this should always be the case.

Bloggers build brand awareness and brand engagements through digital  channels, and most of them translate to revenue for these brands. People need to recognize the fact that bloggers also put in time and effort to produce a good post. In the fashion industry, we continue to see new and vibrant designers and fashion entrepreneurs. When there is a brand/blogger relationship, I believe it will help promote more brands and also push the African Fashion Industry forward. In addition, when fashion bloggers are given more attention, we will realize that these bloggers also have other talents that can be valued and channeled into other aspects of the industry.

I have a long list of personal style blogs, but below are my favorite picks. They are female personal style blogs worth reading…they share their styles and in the process, promote the African Fashion Industry.


Marian is blogger and creative consultant, editor and stylist originally from Ghana. She is the founder of |It is a comprehensive fashion, beauty, music and art site in an interactive weblog format launched in December 2009. The aim of the digital space is to provoke conversation and encourage enthusiasm.” She has been featured on top media platforms such as, New York Daily News, Swedish National Television (SVT), AM New York, Chicago Tribune, E! News,, Vogue Paris, RG Vogue Brazil, Vogue Italia,, The Huffington Post and many more. 

Blog: Email:


Style Pantry is a fashion and lifestyle stockist. A network that features interviews on industry folks, street style, lookbooks, campaigns and haute finds. In addition, Editor, Folake Kuye Huntoon regularly updates her daily looks, sharing tips and secrets on where/how to shop bargains and vintage treasures. Folake has been featured and mentioned on Essence, NY mag, Huffington Post Style, Zara People and many more.

Blog: Twitter: @stylepantry


Fashionjunkii is owned by Rosemary Kokuhilwa. She is a fashion stylist, blogger, certified makeup-artist and ex model from Tanzania. She is also the Founder of Global Fashion New York, a Non-Governmental Organization that educates and empowers the poor through the fashion platform. She shares her gorgeous style and takes us on a journey through her styling and entrepreneurial ventures. She has been featured on Applause Magazine, NY Fashion, Essence OnoBello, Fashionbombdaily, just to mention a few.

Blog: Twitter: @fashionjunkii


 J’adore Fashion is a personal style blog owned by Nigerian beauty- Stella Uzo. Uzo shares her style, trends aShe describes her style as “effortless, unique, and timeless. It does not abide to any rules and regulation. My style is edgy, classy, and fun—occasionally unapologetic”. Twitter: @JadoreFashions


Natasha Ndlovu is a model from Zimbabwe, but resides in London. The multilingual ( speaks English, Ndebele, Spanish, some French and currently learning Russian) set up her blog in 2009 as a platform to share her daily outfits and recent buys. She has been features on top websites and magazines such as:,,, Arise Magazine, Style and many others.

Blog: Twitter: @natashandlovu


4acesdate is owned by four gorgeous African ladies- Ozzy, Abby, Kaven and Cookie based in Lagos, New York and DC. They take us through their style and beauty journey and also share fashion, music, entertainment news in a fun and unique way. Their styles have been featured on Vogue Paris,, Fashionbombdaily, i-Ella, Essence Magazine and many more.

Blog: Twitter: @4acesdate

I’ll love to read your opinion and comments on the issue discussed above. Please also share other African Fashion Blogs or Personal style blogs you love.


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