On Monday, 27th February 2017, parents of Queens College students gathered with high emotions at the requiem mass in honour of Vivian Osuyi, a Junior Secondary School 2 student of the school who allegedly died of diarrhoea.

“My question is that why did the school authority give my daughter and other students who had complained of being sick malaria drugs? When the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, Mr Ofor Dike, called to commiserate with my family, did he not admit that the school’s water supply was contaminated?

“Why was no immediate treatment given to the students, rather the chairman allegedly said he personally bought 3,000 bags of pure water for the students? Why were students banned from calling their parents in case of emergency? And why was my family called at 5pm on Saturday 11th February to inform us of Vivian’s deteoriating health? These are the questions I’m asking Queen’s College,” Michael Osuyi, father of the deceased, said.

Consequently, the deaths of Vivian and another student have continued to generate questions as parents allege negligence on the school authority’s part. They also alleged that the school facilities, especially the toilets, were not properly maintained hence the spread of cholera that killed two students and sickened over 200.

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