Onde, a tech company powering over 200 ride-hailing companies in 70 countries, has unveiled an online edition of Ride.Right.Now – a conference for ride-hailing entrepreneurs. This year’s topic is Hack the Crisis: Business Tips for Post-COVID Era

The online event, scheduled for July 23, 2020, will gather ride-hailing entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and experts from around the globe. Speakers will share insights and best cases on how to survive the crisis that has hit the mobility industry. Registration is free of charge.

Ride.Right.Now will feature talks with mobility and innovation trend-watchers, discussions of the opportunities emerging as the world is slowly awakening from the pandemic, and personalized advice from experts on how to restart a ride-hailing business after the crisis, or to launch a new company. The event features panels on business diversification opportunities, social responsibility, dealing with local health authorities regulations, and much more.

Right.Right.Now online is a part of Onde’s mission to change the way the world moves and to contribute to ride-hailing entrepreneurial community development. Being one-of-a-kind, RRN online edition is an opportunity for transportation business owners to network, get insights and inspiration, and stay updated on what’s happening in the world of innovative mobility.

Onde powers more than 200 ride-hailing businesses in more than 70 countries to change the way transportation works. With its full-stack white-label software for booking taxis, delivery, and any other on-demand services, Onde is the center of attraction for daring entrepreneurs who want to improve local mobility. Last month, it launched Onde Race – a contest for daring entrepreneurs with a strategic vision who aim to become real competitors for global companies like Uber, Lyft, and Careem but do not have reliable software to launch yet.

The Ride.Right.Now online conference is a perfect opportunity for those who want to launch a business, need growth-hacking insights, or are willing to streamline operations in a traditional taxi company. Apply to attend today!

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