The Abigail-Joseph Floating, Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) unit has arrived at the shores of Nigeria, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and FIRST Exploration and Petroleum Development Company Limited (FIRST E&P) have said.

Prior to her sail-away, the FPSO underwent an upgrade, refurbishment and life extension work in Keppel Shipyard, Singapore, to meet specified standards and specifications. The partnership between NNPC, Nigeria’s Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), FIRST E&P, YINSON and Keppel Shipyard helped ensure these critical pre-deployment activities for the FPSO were completed in record time.

A team of young Nigerian professionals were part of the successful execution works in the Keppel Shipyard and they will form an integral part of the FPSO operations team in the production phase.

The FPSO is a 274-meter long converted Suezmax trading tanker. It is self-propelled with 11 cargo storage tanks, 2 slop tanks, and 6 dedicated water ballast tanks including fore and aft peak tanks. The refurbished vessel will be deployed in the Anyala and Madu fields, offshore Nigeria as part of OMLs 83 & 85 field development, Nigeria’s first wholly indigenously executed integrated oil and gas project in the shallow offshore.

The processing system on the FPSO includes facilities for oil separation, stabilization, produced water treatment, gas treatment, and compression. The processing and storage capacities include oil processing of 50,000 barrels of oil per day, produced water treatment of 20,000 barrels of water per day, gas handling of 39 million standard cubic feet per day, and cargo storage capacity of 700,000 barrels. The FPSO will be operated on behalf of FIRST E&P by YINSON.

The refurbished Abigail Joseph FPSO.

The ongoing development drilling campaign in the Anyala field is focused on drilling and proving expected oil reserves for development. A total of 7 development wells have been planned and approved by DPR.

Drilling is ongoing using Borr Drilling’s Natt rig. The batch drilling from the installed Conductor Supported Platforms (CSP) in Anyala field is a novel drilling technology deployed in the Niger Delta Basin.

Anyala field will be developed along with the nearby Madu field (OML 85) through a shared production facility. The produced oil will be processed through the Abigail-Joseph FPSO. Associated Gas and Non-Associated Gas developments will be fully integrated into a Gas-integration Hub designed to feed an export line for the local gas market.

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