The Executive Vice-Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Eugene Juwah, has revealed that the country will auction its remaining spectrum band, including the 2.3GHz reserved for broadcast services, to enable service providers improve on their telecommunications services by December.

“Nigeria has two slots of frequency to auction and every arrangement like the technical specifications approval for the 2.3GHz spectrum sale is ready and we will auction the frequency in December this year.”

The 2.3GHz Spectrum band promotes and enables broadband connectivity across cities and countries through a variety of devices. It also provides wireless alternative to cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) for “last mile” broadband access.

While speaking at the World Conference of the International Telecommunications Union, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Juwah said  although the exercise involving the reserved 2.6GHz would have to wait for a while, the remaining two slots would be released to boost Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) connectivity.

He further stated that the 2.6GHz, formerly reserved for broadcasting commission, would be released for auction by 2015 to intending investors.

“We also have left the 2.6GHz spectrum band. It is currently been used for various broadcasting services. The National Frequency Management Board has already directed the Broadcasting commission to release them in order to aid telecommunications services in Nigeria. All the slots will be given to the telecommunications sector and by 2015 we shall start auctioning them to successful investors”, Juwah said.

He called on investors to take advantage of the new investment opportunities, stating that most GSM companies in the country have made huge returns on their investments.

“Returns on investments in Nigeria is very favourable and telecommunications firms that are operating operate without government interference. I urge you take up these opportunities and invest in Nigeria.”


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