independent mobile ad network, InMobi Nigerians currently appreciate mobile apps more than mobile websites, with three out of five users recorded to have paid for a mobile app.

Nigerian publication BusinessDay, reports Inmobi recently conducted a survey with 1007 respondents in Nigeria selected through the InMobi Ad network, which produced the finding.

Sales director for InMobi Moses Kemibaro said the research was conducted to inform prospective mobile apps or mobile webs entrepreneurs what the average Nigerian thinks so they can take advantage of this.

“We want them to understand the usage and preferences; where Nigerians are concerned in terms of mobile apps; Nigerians’ attitudes, opinions, expectations, etc,” Moses said.

The research revealed 60 percent of the sample population preferred mobile apps to mobile web; 63 percent of whom are young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 with 68 percent being mothers. According to date from the research work by the global leader in the mobile technology space, social media and entertainment rank highest as the regularly most accessed mobile content with 81 percent, followed by games with 73 percent, news (70 percent), sports (55 percent), Finance (40 percent) and shopping (38 percent).

According to Moses,  “In terms of generating revenue through mobile devices, as far as Nigeria is concerned, social media, entertainment, news and sports are areas one needs to focus on.”


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