Helen Mokuro Idisi is an achiever, a lawyer and forensic expert. Nigerian-born, Idisi has emerged the Presidential candidate of an opposition party for the forthcoming elections in Spain. Following the trail of Barack Obama, who became America’s first black President (with a father of Kenyan heritage), she set a new record as the first immigrant – and first woman – to be the presidential flag bearer of a political party.

Helen, who is also a criminologist and author of many books, gained prominence in Spanish politics when she founded a political party, Union De Todos, and became the first Nigerian-Spanish to contest for the position of Mayor of Denia in May this year. Although she lost the election, she became even more popular as endorsements came in from several people for the Presidency. She will be running on the platform of the party she founded.

She was born in Delta state in Nigeria’s south-south region and worked briefly at the Ministry of Agriculture before working in the Governor’s office until 1992 when she travelled to Spain. A law graduate, she holds several academic qualifications which include two masters’ degrees and three postgraduate certificates in diverse fields. She has worked for the Red Cross, was CEO and President at the African Europe Chamber of Commerce and at the National Agency of Forensic Experts, Mediators and Technical Professionals of Spain and Europe. She currently owns and runs a law firm in Spain.

On her aspiration for politics, Idisi says, “I went into politics because we have to become more involved in decisions that affect us as citizens and we have an obligation to ensure the legacy we leave to future generations… I saw the need to go into politics as a means to making my explanation of political leadership that suits the interest of the people and I’m ready to listen and care for the needs of constituents.”

She is the daughter of Mr. Anthony Mukoro, the late Director General of the Defunct Bendel state Government Treasury’s Cash Office, and Mrs. Mary Mukoro.

The 2015 Spanish general election would be held on or before Sunday, December 20, 2015. She will contest against the incumbency seeking a second term and a candidate from a powerful opposition party.

Her decision to contest has garnered a lot of positive reactions from Nigerians, cementing her position as an agent of change for the world at-large.


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