Kuluya, a computer game start-up from the bustling city of Lagos has reportedly positioned to change the global perception of Africa through African-themed online and mobile games.

The company which is headed by an animation maestro Chris Okonkwo and an economist Lakunle Ogungbamila, raised $250,000 from venture capitalists in the West, to launch last month.

According to Nigeria Tech site Techloy, Lakunle said: “At present the African gaming industry consist mainly of some development companies in South Africa. Their games are majorly developed for western consumptions. The themes and gameplay are majorly western. We intend to develop primarily for the African market. The African demographic is majorly being ignored when it comes to games.”

He also added: “African experiences are unique and I believe we can start talking about them through games. Once we start showing the possibilities and size of the market, I believe developers will show interest.”

The Kuluya team claims it has produced over 100 afrocentric games. At the moment, the company has released an online game Monkey Run on its website, to sample consumer reaction and expectation.

Image via Techloy


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