An Agreement will soon be signed between the Abia State gorvernment, in south-eastern Nigeria,  and  German-based environmental company Hartung und Partner GmbH for  the establishment of a recycling and waste management centre in Abia, this was the outcome of a recently held meeting between the state government led by the Chief of Staff, Cosmas Ndukwe and a delegation from the company.

The Chief of Staff is of the opinion that the centre when established will have positive impacts on Abia state’s social and economic sectors.

While speaking on behalf of the German delegation, the company’s environmental expert and consultant, Mr. Michael Struve said huge revenue would accrue to the state from the technology and more jobs would also be created for the unemployed demography in Abia state.

According to Struve, 28 plastic drinking bottles after recycling is equivalent to a T-shirt, 670 beverage cans become a bicycle. 19,000 aluminium tins could also be turned into steel for car production, while old worn-out tires are a good source of energy.

When established, the recycling company will collect wastes and operate the centre for a stipulated period of time after which Abia State will assume full ownership.

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