ADS SAS has partnered with NetClarity Inc., a leading security Solutions Company for mid-sized businesses, to serve as its leading distributor for NACwall in Africa.

NetClarity’s NACwall appliances are designed to harden consumer’s network and provide immediate threat assessment and remediation capabilities. This ensures compliance to the most stringent regulatory guidelines while thwarting malicious attempts to gain access to  an individual’s network data.

With the new partnership, ADS SAS’s channel partners will be able to access NetClarity’s internal security solutions that will help companies containing anywhere from 10 to 25,000 devices effectively protect their networks from internal attacks.

ADS SAS’s channel partners now have the opportunity to secure networks from the inside-out with NetClarity’s internal network security product family that provides professional on-site sales and engineering support; lowest initial investment costs for NAC equipment in the industry; secure control of all appliances through a built-in command center that is included with all Enterprise units at no extra charge; ability to deploy internal network security solutions in less than an hour, per site; interoperability on all existing networking environments, devices, and operating systems and the most powerful security model for managing internal risk and regulatory compliance.

Through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, the need to control employees’ mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, has become inevitable and businesses must adopt a solution to ensure their networks are kept secure. NetClarity’s internal security appliances identify and control all of the devices that have access, or are trying to gain access, to the network. The process of allowing and blocking devices onto the network is simplified by simple deployment, agentless and non-inline technology, and automatic vulnerability scanning of devices that are attempting to access the network.

Commenting on the new partnership, ADS SAS President, Jean Kaikati said “We consider NetClarity’s solutions to be most adaptable to the African markets, especially knowing that Africa is one of the fastest growing markets for IT mobile users and the internal network security challenge is increasingly one of the largest to be solved.”

He added that “The African economy as a whole has been growing steadily over the last ten years, accelerating the adoption of new technologies to include more affordable IT solutions. This situation creates challenges for the enterprise in absorbing a myriad of additional IT users. The agentless architecture and ease of implementation of NetClarity’s solutions helps to secure the enterprise networks, and makes NetClarity the ideal NAC solution for our Africa users.’’

“ADS has the unique specificity to cover all the African countries through their local Value Added Resellers (VARs), and they have done it successfully for the past 15 years. NetClarity is now able to increase its footprint and support Africa with local sales and technical knowledge for the benefit of the end user customers,” says NetClarity’s Vice President, International operations, Bernard Girbal.


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