Media giant, Naspers, on Tuesday said the CEO of its Pay-TV unit, Eben Greyling, had taken a break from his job to work on new business interests.

Greyling had been with Naspers, Africa’s biggest media group, for more than 18 years and has played a central role in constructing Naspers Pay-TV operations throughout Africa.

Naspers said under Greyling’s leadership in the past five years the subscriber base and turnover of the Pay-TV businesses surged more than two-fold.

Jim Volkwyn, formerly head of the group’s Pay-TV unit, will take over as CEO from today (Tuesday)

Naspers flagship Pay-TV operation is the MultiChoice African business, providing multi-channel pay television.

It also provides subscriber management services in 48 Sub-Saharan African countries and the neighbouring Indian Ocean islands.

The group has joint ventures in Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

In other Sub-Saharan African countries, MultiChoice Africa operates through agents or franchises.

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