The Ivorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement that for the 2019/2020 academic year, 120 Ivorian students will be given scholarships to study in Morocco. Forms for the scholarship would be available until mid-August for students interested in pursuing their studies in Morocco. 

The scholarship which is open to 120 students has been divided into two. 100 students will be given a scholarship for university education while 20 will be given for vocational education. Candidates eligible are graduates of the 2018 or 2019 baccalaureate who received the Mention “very good,” “good” or “fairly well.” Also, students with Masters with the mention “good” are eligible.

Registration can be done either online or by filing a physical file at the office of Internships and Scholarships of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The deadline for registration is 12th August 2019.

Moreover, this move directs at building up Morocco and Ivory Coast bilateral ties. Over the past years, the two countries have entered into a number of important political and economic agreements, transforming their already excellent bilateral relationship into one more characteristic of allied partners. Ivory Coast has always been an outspoken supporter of Morocco’s “African diplomacy” or South-South agenda. The country also supported Morocco’s autonomy plan in Western Sahara. Last month, Ivory Coast became the first country to open a consulate in Laayoune. 

Idrissa Traore, the Ivorian ambassador to Rabat, said that the move was not merely symbolic. Rather, he proposed, his country wished to overtly express its commitment to its “strategic partnership” and “multidimensional relations” with Rabat.

More so, Morocco is now an attraction to students from other African countries. This is particularly because the country is aiming to be the continental hub for scientific research and academic partnership. To achieve this, Morocco is strengthening its foreign relationships with other African countries.

With scholarships and advanced learning agreements, Morocco has improved its image in the continent as it aims for continental leadership.

By Tobiloba Ishola


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