The Lagos edition of Monopoly, a popular real estate board game, has been launched, making it the first African city edition of the game.

“Lagos is the first African city to have its Monopoly. Two countries in Africa have theirs, Morocco and South Africa. But there’s no city that has its own customised edition,” said Bestman Games CEO, Mrs. Nimi Akinkugbe, according to the Guardian.

The Lagos state backed project in conjunction with Bestman Games, was officially disclosed to the general public on Tuesday at the city’s City Hall, with the Chance cards which penalises players, signifying rebranding attempts by the law enforcing state government.

“You’ve been caught driving against traffic. Report for psychiatric evaluation,” reads one of the cards.

Mrs. Akinkugbe, who hopes the game would go a long way to enhance the profile of the mega city, said the project will “promote financial literacy, strong ethical values and integrity by rewarding and penalising positive and negative actions respectively.”

The artificially created Banana Island sits as the prime real estate region on the board, a spot occupied by Mayfair in the London edition.

Makoko, a renowned slum village BBC has featured, charges M60 for the cheapest apartments on the Lagos board.

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport, First bank, and several hotels also feature on the board.

According to BBC, Monopoly was originally based on streets in US’ Atlantic City. A London edition of the game was developed in 1935.

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial heart, is one of the fast-growing cities in the world. Recent governments have launched successive infrastructural development projects and rebranding campaigns to attract investments into the state.


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