Global software giant, Microsoft has unveiled a new Online programme -‘Keep Your Business Moving’-  which will provide support and tools for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) for existing and budding entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The website will provide information in English, French, Arabic and Turkish.

According to Microsoft, the programme will help entrepreneurs start a business, support SMB owners to take actions needed to grow their business as well as increase their profitability and expand their reach into new markets. The online programme will also help businesses by providing an online hub for business advice, and up-to-date information on products and solutions specifically available for SMBs.

Speaking about the new ‘Keep Your Business Moving’ program, General Manager, West, East, Central Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, Hennie Loubser, said, “Studies indicate that SMBs in the Middle East and Africa are boosting regional GDP – in Sub-Saharan Africa, they contribute to over 50 per cent of African employment and add 20 percent to the continent’s gross domestic product. With industry experts also forecasting rapid growth in IT spending in MEA in the next few years, we want to provide this innovative community with the tools and support they need to grow. There’s no doubt that SMBs are increasingly competing in a global market, but they also come from diverse geographies and have very different needs, resources and goals. Cloud computing, mobility, big data and social technologies are key growth drivers in MEA, and Microsoft’s advice and solutions will help SMBs take advantage of these trends and become the industry leaders in their region.”

While affirming that the regional SMB segment is a key focus area for Microsoft, Loubser said:  “With this exclusive program, we reinforce our commitment to equip small and medium businesses with the best of intellectual capital, ICT solutions, tools, resources and best practices to maximise their return on ICT investments.”

“We’ll use the program to share white papers, case studies, free tools and products, stay in touch with the SMB community and guide them to keep their business moving,” he added.


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