Leading investment conglomerate, Meristem has announced the maiden edition of its organic and healthy living festival titled ‘Green Fest’. The gathering, which is set to hold to hold on June 1st at Muri Okunola Park, was created to encourage the practice of organic nutrition, fitness activities, and overall health consciousness in order to foster personal growth and increased productivity.

Themed ‘Unjunk’, the idea is to actively promotes the gradual disposal of artificial and unhealthy living habits and motivates people to adopt healthier lifestyle alternatives to enjoy a longer and happier life. The goal of this festival is to inspire people to take the necessary steps as individuals and as a community towards a healthy and wellness-centric lifestyle. The festival will effectively showcase the benefits and practicality of this lifestyle change through a wide array of holistic experiences for families, business owners, young professionals and senior citizens.

Borne out of the company’s commitment to empowering people through financial growth, Meristem Green Fest, as a platform, is positioned to inspire people to be more accountable for their lives by embracing healthier lifestyle choices as the first step in the journey to true wealth. The investment firm, with this festival, advocates for the adoption of healthy decision-making spanning across different facets of people’s lives which includes nutrition, daily activities and behaviour as well as financial choices.

“At Meristem, we are constantly seeking distinct ways to create value for our clients, and Green Fest is a strong anchor. The Meristem Green Fest was born on the singular truth that health is wealth and if we are committed to growing wealth for people, we must be committed to sustaining health that will allow them to enjoy their wealth,” said Oluwole Abegunde, Group Managing Director of Meristem while speaking on the inspiration behind the event.

In addition to this, Head, Brand Management of Meristem, Solape Akinpelu, added that “Meristem Green Fest is a convergence point for businesses in the healthy-living space and the increasing participants who consume their offerings through different means; consumables, natural skin and hair care, physical and mental fitness coaching and more. All of this will take place in a festive ambience accompanied by live music and funfair. For us as a brand, the Meristem Green Fest, is also an organizational effort to re-affirm that health is wealth, and the ability to grow and enjoy wealth in real-time is dependent on a healthy body and sound mind.”

The Meristem Green Fest promises to be the ultimate haven for health, fitness, and wellness enthusiasts to unwind with exciting and engaging physical activities which includes aerobics, fitness and exercise, yoga, outdoor games, and much more. The festival will also feature a diverse range of organic food and drinks vendors, unique exhibitions, masterclasses from experts in the health and fitness field, and captivating musical performances.

In addition to increasing public awareness of the benefits of an organic lifestyle, Meristem; with its wealth of experience in the financial service sector, will also promote accountability, financial literacy and financial growth as an extension of the activities of the day. This masterclass will serve as a medium to strengthen and equip small and medium scale enterprises in the organic nutrition sector with the skills to make informed financial decisions for their businesses to thrive in a dynamic economy.

This inaugural edition will be the largest and foremost convergence of health, fitness, and wellness experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts of all ages in Nigeria. The family-friendly event is geared towards nurturing a community of individuals that are willing to build and invest in a healthy lifestyle and culture. To attend, sign up here.

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