Former SA president, the iconic Nelson Mandela, is currently receiving medical care at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg.

This is according to the office of the current president, Jacob Zuma, which came under fire recently for not keeping the country updated with Mandela’s health progress.

It is almost a week since Mandela was discharged from a hospital where he was treated for a lung infection and gallstones. Mandela was discharged after 19 days in hospital.

“He will undergo home-based high care at his Houghton [Johannesburg] home until he recovers fully,” presidential spokesman, Mac Maharaj, said on Wednesday.

The former South African president, who is 94-years-old, was admitted on 8 December to a Pretoria hospital. It was the longest time he had spent in hospital since his release in 1990 from 27 years in prison.

He spent two days in a hospital in February undergoing minor surgery related to an abdominal complaint.

Mandela became South Africa’s first black president after the African National Congress (ANC) won all-race elections in 1994 that ended apartheid.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winner spent 27 years in prison before that for his opposition to white-minority rule.

“He remains an important symbol of our struggle for liberation and of the successful transition from apartheid colonialism to a non-racial and democratic society,” Zuma said in an end-of-year statement.


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