Photograph — minecraftyoob

When traditional furniture meets contemporary, a Majeurs Chesterfield is what you get. Over the last few years, Majeurs Chesterfield has mastered the ability to handcraft furniture as art, so each piece brings character and personality to spice up the appearance of any room where it is set. The brand has home and office pieces in armchairs, sofas, tables, designer stools, signature worktables and cabinetry.

As Christmas approaches, Majeurs Chesterfield has launched ‘a gift that says it all’ Christmas campaign; a campaign that lets shoppers purchase pieces as individual items as against sets, for the purpose of gifting others or bringing magic into their space as the new year begins. The pieces available in this gift drive include Petit Jane; a stand-alone chesterfield chair, Snorri; the comfy chair for the snuggler and Roanne; the sturdy stool, amongst others.

The brand has launched this campaign to provide fashionable, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing gifts that will go beyond the season and sit in the home or office of the receiver as a reminder of their gratitude, appreciation and friendship for decades to come. The pieces are available for immediate order and delivery at desired locations nationwide, with the option for customization via the company’s website.


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