In a new experiential marketing campaign Lipton Ice Sea: Never Lose Your Cool, tea maker, Lipton Ice Tea, amazed beach lovers with the sight of the world’s first floating vending machine, oscillating on Cape Town’s trendiest beach.

Pete Hutchings, Director of Stretch Experiential Marketing, Lipton Ice Tea’s creative agency said of the initiative: “We wanted to create an original and groundbreaking brand experience that had never before been seen in South Africa. The idea was to generate intrigue amongst the beach-goers to entice them to interact with the “Unidentified Floating Object” and create talkability around the campaign and water safety in general.”

The campaign which kicked off on Tuesday 18 December at Clifton 4th Beach, will see Lipton Ice Tea give away Lipton Ice Tea merchandise, and encourage “the young and old to keep their cool and practice water safety and awareness,” an official statement read.

“South Africa is known for our beautiful beaches and sweltering summer heat. As a brand that prides ourselves on helping consumers to never lose their cool, we needed a unique consumer engagement campaign at coastal towns that help deliver on this promise. “Lipton Ice Sea”, the world’s first ever floating vending machine, ensures beachgoers will keep their cool this summer with this first of its kind brand experience.” Lipton Ice Tea Marketing co-ordinator, Monique Schabort said.

A Lipton Ice Tea ‘hydration station’ will be available with Clifton lifesavers giving away Lipton Ice Tea product as well as keeping the beach clean by conducting Lipton beach clean ups regularly throughout the day. The more adventurous sun seekers will be encouraged to swim out to the floating vending machine where they will then be able to board the buoyant contraption, enjoy a free Lipton Ice Tea while getting sprayed with water and getting snapped in the process, all before making their way back to shore.

Lipton is a brand of tea and was also a supermarket chain in Scotland before it was sold off to Argyll Foods, to allow the company to focus solely on tea. The company is named after its founder “Thomas Lipton”.


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