Sticking to a diet can be such a chore, especially when all you see around you is delicious food. Here are seven undemanding tips to encourage healthier eating. You won’t even know you’re on a diet.

  1. Are you hungry but you need to go shopping? Get the situation under control before proceeding!


2. Speaking of hunger… Are you sure that was what you felt just then?


3. Replace concentrated juice with fresh – even more delicious – juice

No need for drastic diet changes.


4. Eat up to six times a day!

… But, smaller portions. That way you enjoy bingeing benefits without disturbing your diet.


5. Don’t stop eating those sweet things that you love.

Giving up junk food entirely can ruin all your hard work in one day of weakness. Treat yourself sometimes.


6. Reduce the size of your silverware

… A scientifically proven way to prevent you from overeating.


7. … And eat slowly.


Enjoy your diet!


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