While most of us will agree that packing for a trip is not where the fun lies, some of us seem to rather enjoy it! Whichever side you are on, here are super creative ways to remove all the stress that is associated with packing and simply see it as one of your experiences for your trip!

To start with, choose YOUR suitcase.


If you’re going to shop, create space ahead of time.

Pack a bubble wrap. Or any other item that you can leave behind at your destination, and replace with your newbies!

Make your bag waterproof

Place water-resistant items – leather jackets, zip-lock bags – on the top, sides, and bottom of your bag. That way, if you get caught in the rain, your precious luggage should be fine.

WaterproofBag-Ventures-AfricaPack heavier items nearest to your travel bags’ wheels

Particularly for wheeled travel bags. In doing so, you distribute the weight in your bag, and make it easier to roll.

HeavyItemsWheelshack-Ventures-AfricaRoll your clothes instead

Saves space, time, and energy! Talk about maximising resources.

RollClotheshack-Ventures-AfricaSay goodbye to pre-ironing your clothes

NoWrinklesHack-Ventures-AfricaUse all the extra space in your shoes

Your shoes can house much more than your feet. Place your charging cords, delicates, belts, and so on for added packing value.

PackInShoe-Ventures-AfricaStop overpacking

For every two tops, pack one bottom.

OneBottomHack-Ventures-AfricaPack clothes inside out

…For even lesser wrinkles, and to prevent against possible staining.

InsideOut-Ventures-AfricaKeep toiletries in a transparent bag

For easy sighting and zero scattering of your painstakingly packed bag.


Have a good one!


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