The South Korean tech titan, LG, during this week’s 2016 Customer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, unveiled a foldable 2.57mm thin and 18-inch wide High Definition television.

This new innovation builds on LG’s forward looking Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED) work which focuses on bendable, rollable and curving displays. The company showed a similar piece of technology at the CES last year as a proof of concept, but kept images behind closed doors.

According to LG, the OLED displays are not only flexible enough to curve around the walls and corners of homes or office, they are also impossible to break and are thinner and lighter than any Liquid Crystal Display screen currently in market.

The screen resolution is 1,200 by 810 pixels and it can be rolled, scrunched around, all with a full HD display. An important caveat customers need to note is that the screen can be rolled, but not folded flat because folding it flat would permanently damage it, LG warned.

“The screen can be rolled up the other way as well, but we showed it to you using only one direction because it is more complicated the other way due to circuitry issues,” a spokeswoman noted.

The new bendable TV is ideal for display in outlets and also hugely beneficial to people who no longer want to sacrifice an entire corner of a room.

BBC News‘ North America technology reporter, Dave Lee, noted the screen can only be rolled up in one direction, which isn’t a limitation, really, but would be fixed on its availability in the market. He further added that “while the screen is remarkable, it suffers a few flaws” — including dead pixels.

However, the display of televisions with interesting shapes and curves in the flexible OLED market by Samsung, Sony, Sharp, signals stiff competition for LG. The company has not disclosed the cost of the new OELD TV but intends to showcase a 55-inch prototype that’s paper thin, as well as bendable 65-inch models soonest.


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