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When going digital, it is easier to get it right from the start because changing things, like domain names, is tricky once you’ve already established it. It requires changing your marketing materials, having a redirect to the new page. And it confuses and worries your customers when they land upon a different site to the one, they entered their search box. It is also a matter of first impressions last and if your online presence is a little shoddy and below standard, while you may not have had the budget to make it impressive and plan to do so at a later stage, there are many clients you might be losing in the meantime. People might be coming to your site, not liking it or struggling with the functionality, and even if you have an amazing product or service to offer, they might write you off and look elsewhere, and even if you improve, it could be too late, they’ve already formed their opinion of your business. So, make sure to get a few things right from the start in order to win at digital

Domain choice

Choosing your domain is important, it becomes one of the most commonly used elements of your online business and it is how people will remember you and know where to find you. Make your domain name something that is easy to remember and easy to spell especially as your domain name also gets used for your email addresses. To look for ideas of what to use as your, search domain name and see what comes up. You will also find companies that offer pre-created domain names that may suit you perfectly. You will have to purchase these from the company that has bought them already.

Optimise for search

Optimise your domain or website so that it is first on the list when people do searches. You definitely want to be on the first page of search results, people seldom click through to the second page of search results and most often will click on something that comes up closer to the top. Optimise your searchability through SEO such that you are matching with the right customers. The more accurate the match the more chance you’ll convert searchers into paying customers.

Make sure you’re mobile-friendly

The world today operates on the go and being bound to stationary computers and your desks are no longer the norm. Being mobile-friendly is essential to doing business online. It is a digital necessity and a must. Speak to your web developers about ensuring that your site is compatible with mobile usage.

Keep your site updating constantly

Don’t let your site grow old. Old content screams outdated to your customer. You won’t want to look like you have dust on your shelves, keep it fresh, original, authentic and genuine. Make sure you regularly update articles and blogs and change your home page occasionally, but not too much that they won’t recognise you.

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