Angola supermarket chain group, Kero unveiled the country’s biggest supermarket in the capital Luanda labelled the Kero Gika, as the group expands its operations in the southern African country.

“This is the largest facility of its kind in the country and a benchmark on the African continent and it means a large investment by the group in the country’s capital,” said Kero managing director João Santos.

The facility gulped more than $50 million to complete and is located in Alvalade ward of Luanda.

Kero is a state-of-the-art benchmark for supermarkets in Angola. Its top product range, high-quality goods, and impeccable presentation has filled a much-needed niche in the grocery sector. The group presently has 11 stores with 5 expected to open before year end.

It was named “Brand of Excellence” by Superbrands, the entity that identifies the best Angolan brands in business. Kero is also dedicated to food  sales.

In the 1980s Angola food industry depended almost entirely on imports for its raw materials. But in the past recent years, there have been some major investments in brewing and soft drinks, sugar processing, baking and flour milling, and vegetable oil production.

The government also used to control the bread-making industry and operated several bakeries.

By George Mpofu


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