Since its inception in 2014, Nigeria’s foremost online marketplace, has provided thousands of buyers and sellers with the right avenue to meet and exchange goods and services. From household appliances and cosmetics, to food, toys, pets and even livestock, customers are presented with an array of items to purchase online. However in recent times, the online classified ads company is also providing a platform for users to search through job vacancies and connect with others to build their careers.

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How to help yourself by helping others

Does it seem like helping people you can’t help yourself in the process of finding job and building career? But you actually can. “Helping people + job search =?” To solve this equation, let’s gather all the source data. So, we have your willingness to take an appropriate position, the desire to develop and build a career — on one hand. And there are people with whom you are friends, or just talked at some events – on the other hand. This is what Jiji intends to work with. And don’t hesitate to apply for job vacancies online on Jiji! You will definitely find your dream job!

How can I help if I am unemployed

Firstly, Jiji isn’t referring to financial assistance. There are a lot of the volunteer programs and organizations that will be grateful for every superfluous pair of hands or brains. Sign up for one of them. This way you will be able to significantly expand your circle, make friends with responsive and kind people who share your views, and improve your skills. Perhaps someone from the new buddies will ask you to work in an interesting project for a fee. And maybe a friend of your friend is the owner of an advertising agency, and you were just looking for a job in marketing? In addition, helping others you will start to feel the inner strength, and your personal problems and troubles will seem a trifle to you.

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A real story

Here is a real example for you. In the book, “Never eat alone” by Keith Ferrazzi you can read a story about how caring for others can be helpful to you.

The youngest professor of Wharton School of business, Adam Grant was not always a professor. Early in his career he sold travel guides. He had zero motivation. But one day he heard from one of his colleagues how much work in this company gave in his life, and realized that his efforts affect the success of the enterprise as a whole. He also realised that by selling brochures he could help the company stay afloat, which means always keep place and confidence in the future for people who work in it. Grant started selling booklets with greater enthusiasm. And as a result, he achieved record figures. After that they offered him a more prestigious job, and so on. And all because Adam thought not only about himself but also about people he worked with.

Are there more options?

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Review the circle of your buddies. Try to find out if someone needs the expertise of your profile? Perhaps some of your friends have been looking for talented electrician or designer for a long time and here you are! So, you can help your friend and get a job simultaneously! Also, you can offer your friends to help them in their work, while you are looking for a job for you. You can complete, distribute, remake, clamp, and support. And then, seeing your efforts and skills, you will be offered the position on a permanent job.

In short, helping others is a great way to change your life, find a dream job, and simply feel satisfaction.


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