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A two-seater motor vehicle invented by 31-year-old, Anthony Waliaro is making waves in the town of Kakamega county, Kenya. Motivated by the success of his speed boat invention, coupled with some challenges he faced while operating a bodaboda in Mombasa, Anthony decided to invent a three-wheeled, two-seater vehicle powered by a solar system with a television, public address system and a boot.

Anthony, a part-time musician has always loved mechanics since he was a child. He attended St. Peter’s Mumias high school where he designed 5 prototypes of an aeroplane which are still preserved in the institution. His passion for mechanics led him to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Mombasa Aviation College but unfortunately had to drop out due to financial constraints.

Anthony started collecting spare parts for the vehicle in 2016 and finished the project in a year and a half. He said finance to fund this project has been a major setback on his journey in the field of mechanics. He intends to use this talent in advocating for peace in Kenya and hopes to partner with organisations like Safaricom to promote peace.

“My journey in this field has been choked with multiple challenges ranging from lack of finance to fund the project. I remember disuniting with my family because they ridiculed me saying I was wasting time” Anthony said.

The innovator started out an organisation “Gifted Hands” with intentions to mobilize all Kenyans skilled in mechanics to work on a mega project. Anthony is currently working on a motorbike with a bigger capacity to enable doctors to get to patients faster during emergencies. He is hopeful that with the support of the Kenyan government in his passion for mechanics, he would be able to gain more knowledge in aeronautics.


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