We seem to have entered a good age, the economy is booming, and the future is promising. But at the same time, anxiety is everywhere. Investors used to shrug off the risk of recession, but that is no longer the case today. Information, markets and wealth change too fast to have them under control.

In fact, looking back the entire history of business, real stability has never existed. Asset investment and company management require making choices and judgments. Visit the website here.

Rapid Expansion Under Business Anxiety

Today’s investors generally prefer the business model of rapid expansion, that is to say creating a new product or service, promoting it as quickly as possible and occupying the market, thus achieving success.

The advent of the Internet made rapid expansion possible. New business information can be made available to all in a single day. But in fact, this rapid growth model has also spawned a new crisis, that is the pursuit of being fast makes us neglect the control of products quality and business structure.

Create new products, market them, get financing, continue to promote them, get new investments… After several rounds of promotion and financing, a successful product through rapid expansion is usually coming to an end. Because rapidly expanding business models encourage companies to bring immature products to market as soon as possible, and expect to improve gradually during marketing and promotion.

This may work for online apps that can be maintained on backend terminals, but almost all physical businesses are unable to adapt to the same rules. And once the bad reputation of poor quality becomes well-known, it is hard to change.

Rapid expansion epitomizes the anxiety of contemporary business. Investors are keen on this fast-growing business model because most investments fail, and they need some notable success to cover up their failures. Too much haste is counterproductive, and solid and secure business models stand the test of time.

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The strategy of Ivy Hotel’s Franchise Business in Defense of Risks


In 2010, Sunmei international was founded in Qingdao, China. After more than 10 years of development in the hotel chain business, Sunmei international ranked 16th among the top 325 hotels in 2018 by HOTELS, and gradually expanded the global business landscape. Ivy Hotel, as Sunmei’s featured brand, owns thousands of franchise hotels worldwide covering hundreds of cities.

As an international hotel chain brand for hotel investors, it stands the test in quality, service, management, profitability and other aspects. The effective control of risks can be seen in product strategies.

Firstly, the balance between cost, quality and customer satisfaction is achieved. In the book of Lying for Money, Dan Davis explains the importance of this balance: focus too narrowly on cost, the quality of goods can be affected; focus too much on quality and costs will go up. To ensure both cost control and quality assurance, companies become obsessed with their production processes and ignore the needs of the customers.

Secondly, an efficient and smooth management system is established. Enterprise management is usually divided into multiple sectors according to the work category and products type, and stratified management is formed by giving instructions. For chain hotels, the cost of a stratified management pattern is too high. Ivy Hotel adopts the vertical management system of “headquarters–region–intercity–hotel manager”, and sends franchise manager who received systematic training to the franchise hotel for personnel training, operation and technical support.

Thirdly, customer acquisition and maintenance channels are established. Hotel chain group has been committed to expanding hotel customer bases. Sunmei International has 60 million members from the group’s more than a dozen hotel brands, and they are co-sharing. Ivy Hotel also endeavours to improve the transaction amount of members and maintain customer loyalty.

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From the product perspective alone, the growth prospect for even the best products remains in doubt. Joining the hotel group’s franchise program is the best method for individual investors to combat risks and survive. Ivy Hotel franchise business’s continuous innovation makes the hotel more flexible and not eliminated by the times.

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