experts, scientists, and international environmentalists from Gabon in all areas of sustainable development and Climate Plan, the late President Omar Bongo Ondimba, then, wished to bring the eyes of the international community to Gabon. His vision and commitment for his country was to rejuvenate the image of Gabon and the goal was to show the true face of this country through 3D technology in adapting to global challenges.

What better way for the Gabonese to perform a multimedia interactive 3D project on the Internet to share with the rest of the world these riches, this work, these experiences and vision.

In a world where wilderness, authentic and original cultures are becoming increasingly rare, Gabon is a paradise on earth, unique and remarkably well preserved; thanks to the 11 percent of the territory, more than 30 000 km2, which are dedicated to sustainable management of the ecosystem within the 13 National Parks:  Akanda, Birougou, Ivindo, Loango, Mayumba, Lopé, Minkébé, the Cristal Mounts, Moukalaba-Doudou, Mwagna, the Batékés Plateaux, Pongara and  Waka.

Natural systems in these parks have been preserved and comprise the largest proportion of intact tropical forest in Africa. They contain the largest concentration of forest elephants on the continent, many species of birds, reptiles, and mammals, including gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills and hippos, and thousands of species of plants that cannot be found anywhere else.

The creation of 13 national parks is certainly the most important step in the overall protection of resources. Gabon is positioned as the gateway to the “African rainforest,” which allow the world to discover the rich resources of Gabon while preserving its heritage for the enjoyment of future generations.

Discover Gabon’s 13 National Parks through an amazing Virtual Tour Parks in a 3D interactive multimedia work produced for your enjoyment only by professionals. It is a very unique digital trip that will certainly move and inspire you to stand up, go out there and experience these amazing views live.

Click here to take the virtual tour of Gabon’s National Parks now!

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