Taleveras, one of Africa’s leading integrated energy conglomerates has joined a growing list of global trading firms increasing their presence in the liquefied natural gas market, raising its delivery volumes by almost 30 percent year on year.

At the South Asian Gas and Power Roundtable event on Wednesday, Carolina Bermudez, a senior executive at Taleveras stated that global LNG demand would expand significantly by the mid -2030s. Taleveras said it is still looking to cement its role as Africa’s leading independent trader of Liquefied Natural Gas, the fastest growing fossil fuel. Taleveras said it plans to increase and expand its supply sources of LNG in order to maintain a vibrant portfolio to super such demand growth. 

Global demand for LNG has witnessed a significant jump in recent times. Taleveras believes LNG trade demand will grow at an average of 3.4% a year between 2019 and 2040.  The company however expects LNG demand from Asia – especially China, to contract from the year 2036. Taleveras also predicted that India’s economic growth would be the single largest source of demand growth out to 2050, as the country’s coal to gas switching policies will continue to drive LNG imports. 

 “As the world continues to deal with the severe impacts of market demand and the impact of Covid- 19, the fundamentals are supported by a growing population and energy demand, LNG will continue to remain a high growth industry based on a growing economy worldwide,” Carolina Bermudez, Taleveras Senior Trader on LNG, said during a presentation.

To many industry watchers and analysts, Taleveras, which has enjoyed success since its incorporation in the late nineties, has had to navigate innumerable challenges in the ever-volatile Oil and Gas industry. Today Taleveras is increasingly gaining a respected position as a resilient company that keeps thriving on in the Oil Markets.

Taleveras was founded in the late nineties by Nigerian entrepreneur Igho Charles Sanomi II. The company operates and invests in the upstream, midstream, downstream, and power sector of the energy industry.

A top oil industry analyst who preferred not to be named, stated that: “The Oil and Gas industry especially when you are contracting with Sovereign States, could be tricky as it’s difficult to avoid the politics and the associated negative perception. Taleveras has had its fair share of its public perception problems, but the major talk in the industry is about how they are navigating through everything positively, and diversifying their business in the global markets. If they can sustain this growth and overcome it all, it will surely be one for the books. ”

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