On Thursday, the federal government launched an information application called Federal Government of Nigeria Information App (FGN IAPP) in Abuja. The Information Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, during the launching of the Information app, said that the federal government will not allow the media space to be dominated by those who are daily working to discredit the federal government and obfuscate its achievements.

According to Mohammed, the FGN IAPP will serve a means of bridging the information gap between the federal government and Nigerians, by so doing both undiluted and factual information will be directed to Nigerians irrespective of their location as a way of communication between the government and the citizens.

He said, “To leverage the unique power of Information and Culture to drive the Change Agenda of this administration, with the view to ensuring that Nigerians take ownership of the agenda to bring about a paradigm shift in the way we do things.”

“We realised early on that in order to get undiluted and factual information directly to the people, we will have to do things differently. This is because those who are opposed to this Administration’s Change Agenda, including the corrupt elements in our society who have chosen to fight the government with their ill-gotten wealth, have taken it upon themselves to distort our messages and obfuscate our activities to give the impression that the government is not doing anything.”


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