started business during my undergraduate days- I owned shops through which I provided computer related services. One of my shops was managed by an employee who always succeeded in getting on my nerves. She would come late to work, dressed in skimpy clothes and chew gum in a very irritating manner. She lacked devotion to the business, and I was struggling to keep it afloat. My complaints never seemed to bother her; she was aware that it was not exactly easy to find a replacement for her at that time. I always tried to be patient and fair, but when she suddenly refused to show up for three days (without permission), I knew I had reached my limit. I decided to pay her only for the days she had come to work.

Around that same time, she got an admission offer (to a school nearby) and had to leave. I was relieved that she was going! A part of me wanted to prove that I was the boss and make her beg for her salary knowing that she was going to be hard pressed for it (and she did not deserve the money, anyway). Somehow, I suppressed the urge. Instead, I visited her in her new school, had a friendly chat with her, wished her good luck and paid her in full. She was grateful for it and we parted with smiles.

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