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Ethiopians are demanding transparency from the government on the kidnap of over 26 university students. The victims, who are mostly females, have been missing for over two months.

The people have expressed their resentment and frustration on this abduction with campaigns on twitter, social media platforms using the hashtag- #Bringbackourstudents#. In a series of tweets, people are questioning the Ethiopian Prime minister-Abiy Ahmed Ali, on the location of the students. A twitter account said ‘’He’ll (president) be meeting with his “brothers” to discuss a wide range of issues. One thing that he’ll not discuss, address, though, is the disappearance of the abducted university students. His administration’s lies, deceptions, misinformation of it is alarming’’

Previously, the government gave the masses false hope on the situation, after the press secretary of the Ethiopian prime minister, Nigussu Tilahun made a bogus announcement on the matter on January 11, 2020. Nigussu said that 21 students from Dembi Dollo University have been released while six remained at large

Contrary to the secretary’s statement,  the associated press reports that a parent of the victim, Yeneneh Adugna said the last time she heard from her daughter was a month ago. “I don’t know what happened to her since we are living in anguish every day. We are crying every day. We want to know whether they are alive or dead. No one is giving us any information.”

Up until now, the kidnappers remain anonymous as the government is yet to identify or even track them. Regional officials in Oromia have accused the Oromo Liberation Army, which is clashing with government troops in the Western Oromia region, of kidnapping the students. But the group has denied the accusation saying the government should be blamed for the abduction.

The complacent nature of the government towards this issue has already opened questions towards its commitment to the safety of the people especially as women constitute most of the kidnapped victims. The captives are at risk of being raped or killed amongst other things by the kidnappers.

Abby Ahmed should also consider that if the government fails to rescue these girls, the respect he earned with a 50 percent female cabinet, will become questionable.


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