Epson, one the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers, information and imaging related equipment has appointed Comztek Africa (WestCon) and Tarsus Technologies as its distributors in Namibia.

“The appointment of Comztek and Tarsus means that Epson now has a strong channel in place to focus on growing our presence throughout Namibia,” said Epson business development official Hugh Davies.

“We are very excited to have these two great companies join our Epson channel, building on our established relationships with their regional offices,” Davies added.

Epson, also known as Seiko Epson Corporation, is a Japanese electronics giant listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and headquartered in Suwa Nagano, Japan.

The company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide and manufactures inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, desktop computers, business multimedia and home theatre projects, robots and industrial automation equipment. Other products include point of sale docket printers and cash registers, laptops, integrated circuits, LCD components and other associated electronic components.

In July 1982, Shinshu Seiki officially named itself the Epson Corporation and launched the world’s first handheld computer, HX-20 (HC-20), and in May 1983 the world’s first portable colour LCD TV was also developed and launched by the company.

In November 1985, Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. and the Epson Corporation merged to form Seiko Epson Corporation.

By George Mpofu

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