Last week Etisalat announced a data plan that supports the recently launched internet video on demand streaming service, Netflix, called the “Netflix and chill,” in Nigeria. This announcement was made a day after Netflix’s official launch across Africa. The bundle plan provides two hours of streaming for 400 naira.

While the bundle itself is a smart move, there’s something important Etisalat missed. The popular meaning of the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ seems to be lost on the telecoms power house. According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Netflix and chill’ is a euphemism for having intimate relations. However, the use of the popular phrase doesn’t seem to have hit Nigeria just yet. A spokesperson at Etisalat explained to Ventures Africa, that they were simply using the ‘combination of the two words’ in the campaign, and not aware of any other meaning.

Etisalat, might have been interested in the complete history of the viral catchphrase, before naming their campaign, “9ja it’s time to NETFLIX and chill.” But it doesn’t seem that the telecommunications brand will be changing the name of the campaign any time soon. I guess all we can do is laugh at what seems to be an innocent mistake.

In case you missed it, here’s a popular ‘Netflix and chill’ vine that explains pretty much everything you need to know.


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