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iSON Technologies, a top technology services provider and Staxx Solutions, a technology solutions provider with which specialises in mobile security are going into an agreement to provide quality mobile device cybersecurity solutions.

In recent times, mobile devices are commonly used for computing, communications and operations in many organizations. This new trend boosts user productivity and enables fast and easy communication within and outside the organization. However, on the other hand, it also exposes data on the devices to theft, harassment and other means of misuse that could lead to potential danger. Such an attack can result in a security breach, compromising an organization’s entire data, assets and brand. The strategic goal of this latest partnership is to help organizations mitigate these risks to their businesses.

The cybersecurity project will cover 29 countries across the Middle East and Africa, regions that are more likely to encounter cyberattacks. It will also supplement both companies’ drive to help businesses detect and prevent the growing number of cyber attacks on mobile devices while managing their communications.

Commenting on the partnership, iSON Technologies Chief Growth Officer, Akshay Grover said the company is in the business of providing all-round security solutions to organizations to protect their people, infrastructures, data and applications.

“Our mission to always provide solutions to mobile analytical issues remains unchanged, and this is a step in the right direction to ensuring that our clients experience maximum safety while using their mobile devices,” he said.

Other services include solutions for network and infrastructure security, advanced threat protection for modern-day threats, application security through its complete life cycle, data-centric security, identity and access management.

In a similar vein, Staxx Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Shuaib Mahmud spoke on the partnership saying, “STAXX seeks to provide the best of breed Mobile Cyber Security solutions to the markets we serve enabling businesses to protect their mobile enterprise. Partnering with world-class leaders like iSON allows us to reach a much broader market segment,” said Mahmud

“With Africa and the Middle East experiencing some of the highest growth and adoption rates of Mobile technology, there could be no better place to launch than a region rich with incredible business opportunities and a partner that offers the breadth of coverage like iSON,” he added.

Mobile cybersecurity attacks are growing rapidly as hackers continue to develop more ways of invading a user’s privacy. In most cases, what is at stake is the user’s personal data hence the need for effective security options. However, considering the fact that this collaboration is headed by companies with an operational understanding of these markets, there may be a brighter light at the end of the cybersecurity tunnel.


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